Commercial hot water

Commercial Hot Water with LPG Gas

Two systems to enjoy cleaner greener hot water in your business:

  • Continuous Flow, High Efficiency LPG Hot Water systems

  • Gas Boosted Solar – renewable energy from the sun supplemented by LPG boosting, as needed

Our ranges of continuous flow hot water heaters deliver a constant supply of on-demand hot water without the need for storage tanks and can be mounted internally or outdoors.

These units are well suited for intermittent demand.

For regular peak demands, the combination of LPG with a storage heater or boiler system heats water as required and keeps costs down. 

Some of the benefits include:

  • Never have customer complaints about lack of hot water

  • Your LPG system will work even when the temperature drops to freezing

  • LPG hot water systems are quiet. They won't keep your guests awake at night.

  • No worries about peak and off peak rates with LPG

  • No pumps and motors that can break down and require servicing, as is the problem with heat pumps

  • Even multiple units take up little space and create little visual pollution

Elgas can recommend a hot water solution and delivery program to suit your needs.




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