Srargas Industrial & Hospitality Gases

Stargas Industrial & Hospitality Gases

Owned and operated by Elgas, Stargas is a simple, innovative and competitive service offer of compressed industrial and hospitality gases and LPG. 

We cater to small to medium businesses looking for a gas supplier that can offer value-for-money products without compromising safety or service.

We are your local gas supplier and committed to serving you at a local level.

Stargas is all about supplying you with high quality gas products to suit your application.

Whether you are welding or cutting, require beer gases, need LPG to warm your workplace, balloon gas for your next party, or simply need some LPG to power your forklift.

Elgas is the leading LPG supplier and distributor throughout Australia and New Zealand with over 400,000 customers.

With an extensive distribution network in every part of the country and the largest LPG storage capacity in Australia, you can depend on Elgas.

Please click on your area of interest for more information: 

Argon Gas

Argoshield 5

Argoshield 16

Carbon Dioxide - CO2

Cellamix 30 - Beer Gas

Cellamix 40 - Beer Gas

Cellamix 55 - Beer Gas

Helium Gas - Balloon Gas


Elgas Stargas is currently available in metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast only.



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