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Acetylene, combined with Oxygen, is the premier fuel gas for welding and cutting due to its high flame temperature, high heat distribution and local heating.

The only fuel gas that creates a flame hot enough to cut and weld steel.

Oxy Acetylene Flame Cutting or Oxyfuel Cutting

From craftsmen to factories, we provide our customers with high quality gases to deliver fast, cost-effective and flexible cutting solutions. 

Oxy acetylene is widely used because of the flexibility of the process and excellent cut properties. It is mainly used for materials exceeding 15 mm thick. 

Shielding Gases

We also supply a range of shielding gas mixtures that can have beneficial impact on the welding process and the properties of the weld. 

The combination of the properties of the gases used in the Argoshield range create mixtures that can be tailored for welding a range of material thickness.

The Argoshield range provides improved welding performance and a lower operating cost than other shielding gases.

Shielding gases are inert or semi-inert gases that are used in several welding processes.

These include Argon, CO2 and Argon/CO2/Oxygen blends.

The most common uses are with MIG (GMAW – Gas Metal Arc Welding) and TIG (GTAW –Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) welding processes.

Atmospheric gases can affect weld quality and make the welding process more difficult.

These gases protect the weld area from atmospheric gases and water vapour.

Purging Gases

We deliver high quality inert gases, and inerting and purging solutions. 

Nitrogen is our most cost-effective inert gas. 

Argon is a higher value inerting alternative to nitrogen for highly reactive materials such as lithium and magnesium compounds. 

Helium is used to purge and pressurise liquid hydrogen tanks and piping systems where other inert gases would freeze.


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