Hospitality gas supplier with beverage dispensing gases, helium & LPG gas. Great prices & free delivery!
Stargas Hospitality Gases

Beverage Dispensing Gases for Soft Drinks & Beer

From large hotels to local cafés, we provide efficient beverage dispensing solutions and reliable on-time delivery of gases.

We provide a range of gases and solutions for CO2 carbonation and dispensing your beverages. 

The Elgas Cellamix range consists of a variety of gas mixtures that do not affect the taste of your drinks. 

They can give beer a creamier longer-lasting head, reduce losses, allow faster dispensing, avoid the need for complex electric pumps, and even extend the life of slower-moving draught beers.

Helium - Balloon Gas

And what’s a party without some Helium balloons to jazz up your party decor? 

For cost-effective helium balloon gas solutions, look no further than Elgas Stargas!

LP Gas

Keeping warm is important, too.  

Cafés, clubs and pubs can rely on Elgas to supply all of their heater requirements for LP Gas and LPG heating equipment.


Please click on your area of interest for more information:

Oxygen Gas - Industrial Grade

Acetylene Gas

Nitrogen Gas - Industrial Grade

Argon Gas

Argoshield 5

Argoshield 16

Carbon Dioxide - CO2

Cellamix 30 - Beer Gas

Cellamix 40 - Beer Gas

Cellamix 55 - Beer Gas

Helium Gas - Balloon Gas


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