Argoshield 25 MIG welding gas bottle hire. MIG gas for use as MIG or GMAW shielding gas in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

Argoshield 25 MIG Welding Gas Supply

Argoshield 25 shielding gas is an Argon - CO2 gas blend for MIG or GMAW welding.  

Argoshield 25 is available in G2 gas cylinder sizes.

Free delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas. 

Argoshield 25 gas bottle hire and refills at great prices.

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Argoshield 25 Shielding Gas

Argoshield 25 is approved for use with a wide range of flux cored wires including stainless steel grades in all positions.

It is also suitable for GMAW using spray, dip, STT and pulse transfer.  

Gas Code


Gas Composition

25% Carbon Dioxide, 75% Argon

Cylinder Identification

Cylinder colour (to AS 4484): Peacock blue body, green grey shoulder.


  • Carbon and low alloy steels; stainless steels welded with flux cored and metal cored wires

  • Optimum Thickness (mm) 10+

  • Smooth weld bead with a broad penetration profile

  • Impurities: Moisture 15ppm

  • Type of Gas: Mixture

  • Supply Mode: Cylinder

  • Brand: Argoshield

  • Application: Industrial

  • Industry: Industrial

  • Gas Code: 070

  • Gas Composition: 25% Carbon Dioxide in Argon

  • Gauge Pressure: 15000kPa - 29500kPa

  • Outlet Connection: AS 2473 Type 10

  • Welding/Cutting Type: Multiple

  • Welding Metal: Various Metals


  • Heavy structural steel

  • Mining equipment

  • Pressure vessels and boilers

  • Heavy wall piping

  • Ships and offshore structures

  • Earth moving equipment

Cylinder Sizes

Cylinder Content (sm³)
Gauge Pressure
(1KPA @ 15oC)
Outlet Connection
AS 2473 Type 10

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