Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast forklift gas bottle-cylinder suppliers. Free delivery & great forklift gas prices.Forklift gas bottle supply

Forklift Gas Bottle - Cylinder Suppliers

Stargas is your best choice for forklift gas bottle-cylinder supply in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas.

We have great forklift gas prices and provide free delivery of forklift gas bottles-cylinders to all of our serviced areas.  

Forklift Gas Bottle Exchange Service

  • Order today and we will deliver tomorrow to your business.

  • Regular milk run delivery service to keep you moving

  • Rely on your regular deliveryman who can fix any issues, which may arise or make sure someone does.

  • Requires little space

  • Establish a new site working quickly (no installation delays and costs)

  • Cylinders always inspected each time they are filled

  • Content controlled by electronic filling

Bulk LPG for Onsite Forklift Refilling

On site storage of LPG comes with three supply options, which can be tailored to your needs:

  • Onsite decant filling for smaller quantities

  • Pump Fill units with 800 Litre storage for medium loads

  • Up to 8,000-litre storage with fast filling 3 phase pumps for larger loads

Bulk deliveries are made by tanker, into your storage vessel, so you can fill the cylinders onsite at any time that suits your needs. 

Full safety and training manuals and support are provided.

A local Stargas representative will provide regular safety checks and training free of charge with additional support available from our Customer Service Hotline.


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