Commercial cooking with LPG gas

Commercial Cooking with LPG Gas

The key to an outstanding results in the kitchen, apart from your chef, is your energy source. 

When that source is LPG, you're assured of the highest level of cooking performance. 

Gas far more responsive than other energies too, which is particularly important for cooking, where instant heat and fingertip-control are so important. 

Apart from its flexibility for a wide range of cooking methods (including tabletop burners and mobile barbecues), LPG is also ideal for heating your restaurant, inside and out, while portable LPG units can help eliminate mosquito problems.

LPG is the safe, dependable energy source that can really boost business performance. 

With the escalating cost of electricity, it's worth exploring other uses of LPG for your business too, which include hot water in rest rooms, and for dishwashers and fridges.

With our large network of locally based customer service centres, you'll never have to make excuses for running out of fuel. 

our local Stargas branch has an on-site storage depot, while a dedicated delivery driver monitors your usage to ensure there's always sufficient LPG available to satisfy your requirements.



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