Argon gas cylinder-bottle suppy. Argon gas (TIG gas) for use as TIG shielding gas. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.

Argon Welding Gas Cylinder Suppliers

Stargas is your best choice for Argon-TIG gas bottle-cylinder supply.

Argon gas is an inert gas used as TIG or GTAW welding gas, shielding gas and purging gas. 

Stargas are Argon gas suppliers of argon gas cylinders & argon gas bottles.  

Argon gas is available in G2, E2 & D cylinder sizes.

Free delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast areas.  

Argon gas bottle hire and refills at great prices. 

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Argon Gas

Gas Code


Gas Composition

99.995% Argon

Cylinder Identification

Cylinder colour (to AS 4484): Peacock blue body, shoulder and neck.


  • Colourless, tasteless and odourless

  • Inert to all materials at all temperatures and pressures

  • Heavier than air, argon will collect in low-lying areas, ducts and drains

  • An asphyxiant

  • Lower thermal conductivity than most other gases

  • Low thermal conductivity acts as an insulator and will not transfer heat efficiently


  • All the major applications of argon are related to the production, processing and fabrication of metals. 

  • The role of argon is nearly always to exclude atmospheric air from contact with metal alloys.

  • Purging gas to protect weld areas, such as the inside of pipes during welding is a good example.

  • Major component in most shielding gas mixtures for arc welding and cutting due to low ionising potential

  • The predominant gas used in shielding gases as it forms a very good shield due to the high density and total inertness

  • Used on a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials for welding and cutting

  • Fills the inter-space in double glazed windows

Cylinder Sizes

Cylinder Content (sm³)
Gauge Pressure
(1KPA @ 15oC)
Outlet Connection
AS 2473 Type 10
AS 2473 Type 10
D2 1.6
AS 2473 Type 10

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