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Cellamix 30 Beer Gas - Pub Gas Bottle Supply

Cellamix 30™ is a beer gas blend especially formulated for the dispensing of bulk Guinness Stout from beer keg systems. 

It is not generally suitable for dispensing other stout, beer or soft drinks.  

It may also be recommended by other brewers requiring a beer gas blend with 30% CO2

Cellamix 30 is available in F size gas cylinders.

Cellamix 30 beer gas cylinder & beer gas bottle hire and supply in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast. 

Free Cellamix 30 beer gas bottle delivery & great beer gas bottle prices.

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Cellamix 30 Beer Gas

Gas Code


Gas Composition

30% Carbon Dioxide, 70% Nitrogen

Cylinder Identification

Green Grey Shoulder and Pewter Body


  • An odourless, colourless, non-toxic, inert, non-flammable gas mixture

  • Nitrogen has no taste. It can improve the presentation of Guinness by giving it a thicker and creamier head.

  • There is no need to degas kegs when not in use as it will retain the correct level of carbonation in the beer.


  • CellamixTM 30 is largely used for dispensing bulk Stout for Guinness. It is not suitable for dispensing other stout, beer or post mix soft drinks. It may also be recommended for other brewers that require 30% of CO2.
  • Gas needs to be turned off when not in use.


One 'F' size cylinder dispenses approximately 13 x 50L kegs

Cylinder Sizes



Cylinder Content


Gauge Pressure

(1KPA @ 15oC)

Outlet Connection




AS2473 Type 50


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