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Nitrogen Gas Tank Supply - Food Grade

Stargas supplies Nitrogen gas bottles for blending with CO2 in beer keg dispensing systems.  
Nitrogen gas is available in G2 and E2 gas cylinder sizes.

Nitrogen gas cylinder & nitrogen gas bottle hire and supply in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast.  
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Food Grade Nitrogen Gas

Gas Code


Gas Composition

99.9% Nitrogen

Cylinder Identification

Cylinder colour (to AS 4484): Pewter body, shoulder and neck.


  • 100% food grade nitrogen

  • Odourless and colourless

  • Non-toxic

  • Does not support combustion

  • An asphyxiant (does not support life)

  • Does not react with oxygen at low temperatures

  • Inert, dry and slightly soluble

  • Inert to nearly all substances at ambient temperatures and moderate conditions

  • Nitrogen keeps laser cut faces oxide-free, due to the chemical inertness, to react with the atmosphere


Mixing with Carbon Dioxide for beer dispensing

Cylinders Sizes



Cylinder Content


Gauge Pressure

(1KPA @ 15oC)

Outlet Connection


G2 9.1 20,000 AS 2473 Type 50




AS 2473 Type 50


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